Weight Watchers  Bagels  Just 3 Points!

This is one of my most popular recipes of all time because they are delicious and easy to make.  These bagels are 3 Smartpoints each, and 3 points on the Green, Blue and Purple plans so you can enjoy a good sized bagel with no guilt.

Weight Watchers  Bagels


4 servings


weight watchers

Prep time

10 minutes

Cook time

25 minutes

Fat free Greek yogurt is 0 points on the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan and is one of the main ingredients in these bagels.

Combine 1 cup of self rising flour and 1 cup of Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt in a bowl until a dough starts to form.

Knead until dough forms and divide into 4 parts.

Roll out the dough balls to form a rope. Pinch the ends together to make a circle.

Brush bagels with an egg wash and sprinkle with Everything Bagel seasoning.

Bake and enjoy!

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