Woven paper placemats are perfect for Thanksgiving. When kids make them, they are reinforcing fine motor skills while creating a beautiful pattern.

Woven Paper Placemats

Supplies Needed

– 9 x 12 Construction paper  in Fall colors. – Scissors – Tape

Decide which color you will use for your mat. The rest of the colors will be used for weaving.

Fold the paper in half and make five cuts almost to the end.

Cut strips out of the remaining colors of construction paper. Make these strips roughly the same size as the lines you cut on the larger piece of construction paper.

Start with the first strip under the paper and then pass it over the second cut and under the third and so forth.


When your child is done with one strip have them rotate the mat and repeat the process on the other side.

When you are done with a strip make sure you push it to the strip next to it so there will be room for all the strips.

Use some tape to stick the ends to the construction paper. If you skip this step the strips will move.


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