Shaving foam is one of our favorite items to use for play and learning. Why?  It is readily available and can be used in all sorts of ways.

You can use this technique to make cards and gift wrap for any occasion.

Set up a bake shop for the kids and "bake" up some pretend pumpkin pies.


Water beads are so fun for kids to play with. We tried them with shaving cream for a totally new sensory experience.

This paint is super easy to make with just a few ingredients and washes off glass surfaces and bathtubs easily.

Kids will have so much fun getting their hands messy in this shaving cream sensory bin and learning in a hands on way.


This fine motor and sensory activity helps preschoolers with pre-handwriting skills. Such a fun shaving cream play idea!

My kids love hunting for things and had such fun digging through the shaving cream in search of letters.

This shaving cream activity is sure to brighten your day. The shaving cream acts as a sort of glue for the colored straws.

The shaving cream in this sensory bin provides just the right amount of resistance to the straws.