You will love this Bacon, Egg and Cheese Crescent Roll Breakfast! It is ready in just 30 minutes and combines the yummy goodness of flaky crescent rolls with bacon and eggs and cheese.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Crescent Roll Breakfast


8 servings



Prep time

10 minutes

Cook time

20 minutes

While you are assembling this Bacon, Egg and Cheese Crescent Roll Breakfast, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Scramble the eggs and cook the bacon. Set aside and unroll and separate the crescent rolls. Place ½ slice of American cheese, ½ piece of bacon and a spoonful of scrambled eggs into the middle of each crescent roll.

Roll up the crescent rolls from the wider side to the point, careful to keep the contents inside. You may need to pinch some of the corners of the dough if the contents are spilling out.

Bake the rolls on a lightly greased cookie sheet for 18 minutes until lightly browned on top.

Serve this bacon, egg and cheese crescent roll breakfast while still warm. The cheese will still be gooey and they will be extra delicious.

This is an easy breakfast to make that includes all the popular breakfast staples - eggs, bacon, cheese and crescents - oh my!

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