BBQ Pork  Fried Wontons

I never had fried wontons like this before! Made with BBQ pulled pork, they pack a nice kick. Pulled pork BBQ fried wonton recipe for the win!

BBQ Fried Wontons


8 servings



Prep time

10 minutes

Cook time

4 minutes

Drop a dollop of prepare Pulled Pork BBQ into the center of a wonton.

Wet edges and fold into a triangle shape.

Twist to form a crescent like shape.

Place in a deep fryer or a large stock pot filled with hot oil. Be careful!

These are best served right out of the fryer. Of course, you will want to wait a minute or so for them to cool.

Inside the crispy, crunchy wonton is some pulled pork BBQ ​goodness!

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