This easy tutorial teaches you How to Make a Mother's Day Card. This craft includes a free template to make your own paper bouquet.

How to Make a Mother's Day Card

Supplies Needed

– Cardstock paper – Craft paper – Pencil – Ruler – Scissors – Glue – Markers – Printable template (included)

Cut out the pieces from the template and trace them on to the appropriate colored craft paper. After you trace them, you can cut them out.

Glue a piece of foam or folded thick cardstock paper on the center of the large petals.

Glue the small petals over the large petals.

Now glue the flowers on your card’s base.


Fold the wrapper according to the lines on the template and glue to close.

Glue the cone on the card and then glue the flower’s stems.

Glue the petals on the stems. Use 2 petals per stem.

You will be using 2 pieces to make the bow. Apply glue to the middle of the bow.

Bring the two ends of the bow to the center and glue them.

Then, glue the back of the ribbon to the back of the bow.

Glue the ribbon and bow on the cone and place on a large piece of colorful cardstock that you can either fold in half or attach to another piece of cardstock to make your flower card.

Happy Mother's  Day!


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