Monster Cookie Energy Balls make a great breakfast, snack or pick-me-up.  Packed with oats, honey and peanut butter, they are filling and delicious!

Monster Cookie Energy Balls


20 servings


energy bites

Prep time

10 minutes

Cook time

60 minutes

To make these oatmeal energy balls, you’ll start by mixing Rice Krispies and old fashioned oats in a large bowl.

Microwave 3/4 cup of peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl for 10 to 15 seconds. Add the peanut butter to the bowl with the Rice Krispies and oats. Then add the honey.

Add vanilla and cinnamon to the bowl with the Rice Krispies, oats and peanut butter. Mix the ingredients until combined.

Next, add in the mini M&M's. My kids love this part.

Cover the bowl and put the mixture in the refrigerator for about an hour to chill. Remove from the refrigerator and form into small balls using your hands.

Enjoy your peanut butter energy balls!

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