Here is the most fun rainbow craft! It was easy and fun and you'll love the results. Every time you make a Paper Plate Rainbow Craft it turns out a little different, which means kids can do this activity for a while and not get bored.

Paper Plate  Rainbow Craft

Supplies Needed

– Sturdy paper plate – Tempera paint in all the colors of the rainbow – Paintbrush – White paper

Using your paint, squeeze a ring of each color onto the back of the paper plate. Spread each ring with a brush to evenly cover the plate.

Paint can dry rather quickly, so make sure you put a thick enough layer on your plate. It takes a few minutes to get all the paint on the plate and if you don't use enough paint the early colors may dry.

Press the painted plate onto white paper and using your hands to twist it make a colorful print.

When you are done, carefully peel off the plate to reveal your beautiful rainbow craft.



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