This easy pink lemonade pie recipe is made with lemon flavored whipped cream, a graham cracker crumbs crust and topped with fresh lemons.

Pink Lemonade Pie


8 servings


No Bake

Prep time

20 minutes


1 day

In a stand mixer mix heavy whipping cream. Blend on low for 4 minutes, then increase to high as the mixture thickens. It's done when it resembles whipped topping.

Fold in the contents of the can of sweetened condensed milk.

Fold in the contents of the pink lemonade Kool-Aid packages until it reaches a creamy texture.

Pour the lemonade pie filling into a 9-inch graham cracker crust in a pie plate.

Top the no bake pink lemonade pie with sliced lemons.

Cover the frozen pink lemonade pie and freeze overnight.

Once the pink pie has been frozen overnight, you can remove it from the freezer and serve it by cutting it with a warm knife. You can serve it with a squirt of cool whip on top.


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