Pot of Gold Bead Craft

This Pot of Gold Craft is a fun craft project that results in an eye-catching pot of gold. If you look beneath the surface, you'll find a fine motor activity for kids.

  YOU WILL NEED30-35 yellow pony beadsPaper plateYarns in rainbow colors  – Scissors  – Hole puncherMarkers: black and green  – Pencil -  Tape

Fold a white paper plate in half. Most paper plates have a ridged border. Trace the border to form the inside circle. You can make the pot of gold by drawing a circle with a long skinny triangle on top.

Cut out the pot of gold shape with scissors.

Using a hole punch, punch 6 holes along the top of the pot of gold while the plate is folded in half. You’ll need one hole for each color of the rainbow. Then hole punch along the inside circle of the plate

When the plate is unfolded it should look like this.

Using the green and black markers, color the pot of gold black and the bottom green for the grass.

Place the red yarn on the first pot of gold hole and thread through and tie to secure

Then thread through the border hole on back of the pot.

Sporadically add a yellow pony bead to the yarn before threading it back through the next hole. It will look like gold in the pot.

Secure each end on the back with a knot.

Use this technique with all the colors of the rainbow. Each color will have it’s own hole at the top of the pot of gold

When you are done with the last color, secure it on the back of the plate with a knot.

Enjoy your craft!


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