This adorable craft is easy for kids to make and they will love the fact that they can snack while making it. My favorite thing about it is that it helps kids work on many important skills while having fun.

Rainbow Craft with Fruit Loops

Supplies Needed

– Paper plate – Scissors – Round fruit cereal – Mini marshmallows – Blue crayon  – White glue

The base of this craft will be a paper plate that you have cut in half. The paper plate is sturdy and the arch shape of half a plate makes it perfect for a rainbow.

Let your child choose 5 colors of cereal and have them sort the cereal into piles according to color.

Have your child use the blue crayon to color the bottom half of the paper plate blue.

Starting at the outer edge of the paper plate, glue one color of cereal along the arc of the plate. Leave space on each end for the marshmallow clouds.


Repeat this process with each color of cereal.

When your child has glued  on all the colors of cereal, have them glue some  mini marshmallows at  each end of the plate as  puffy clouds.


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