If you are looking for a classroom snack for a Thanksgiving celebration, you will love these! Learn how to make turkey pudding cups, which would be super fun for a classroom party.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pudding Snack


--Snack Pack Pudding Cups – - Construction Paper  – - 8 Stick on Google Eyes – - Red Pipe Cleaners – - Orange Foam – - Elmer’s Liquid Glue – scissors

To make the feathers, cut paper into ¼ inch wide and 6-inch long strips. You’ll need 4 strips of each color.

Glue the ends together to make a loop. If you use liquid glue or a glue stick, hold the ends together for a minute or two, until the glue dries a bit.

Cut out 4 orange triangles from the foam and 4 wattles from a red pipe cleaner.

Now it is time to glue the “feathers” on the back of the upside down pudding cups.

Peel off two googly eyes and attach them to the front of the pudding cup. Next, glue on a nose and wattle.

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