These Valentine's Glitter Hearts are a fun Valentine idea for kids!  These hearts would be perfect for Valentine's Day cards.

Glitter Hearts Craft

Supplies Needed

– White glue – Tray – Glitter  – Heart cookie cutters – Construction paper

Dip the cookie cutter into the glue, making sure to get the bottom edges covered.

Next, press down the cookie cutter onto the construction paper.

Lift the heart cookie cutter carefully off the paper so the glue doesn't get disturbed. What remains will be a glue heart outline.

Sprinkle glitter on the  glue.


Spread the glitter around the paper until the entire glue heart is covered. Shake the excess glitter onto a paper plate.

You can even use various shaped cookie cutters to change it up a bit!

Such a fun craft for Valentine's day or just to show a little love!


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