We love rainbows at our house and decided to combine them with another one of our favorite activities - salt art for preschool.

  YOU WILL NEED – Salt – White glue – Black paint – Watercolors – Pencil – White paper

To make black glue, empty glue bottle so it's half full .Add squirts of black paint.Use enough black paint to fill an additional quarter of the glue bottle. Shake until combined. Draw a rainbow on a sheet of white paper. Outline it with the black glue. Let this dry for a few hours until the glue has hardened to the touch.

Have your child paint the rainbow using water color paint.

Make sure your painting is fairly wet before adding salt.

Next, add your salt. A shaker works great here so that kids can shake the salt on themselves

Leave the salt on until the painting dries and then you can shake off the excess.

You will be left with a vibrant rainbow painting which has a sandy texture.


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