3 Ideas for Straw Games and Crafts

I've been going through some old posts of mine and realized that we have done a lot of fun activities with straws. Not just any plain straws though. The kind I am talking about are these pretty guys. When you see them at your grocery store bursting with color, don't just pass them by. Pick some up and look at all the fun things you can do. 

All of our straw activities require the straws to be cut. You should get 3-4 cuts from each straw. 

Once you've done that, you are ready for some straw fun.  Enjoy!

Color Drop Game
This was a real crowd-pleaser. Using a recycled whipped topping container, some markers and colored straws you can create this game which teaches and reinforces color concepts and works on fine motor skills. Click on the photo to learn how to make one.

It's amazing the creations you can make using some cut up colored straws and some pipe cleaners. This is another one that provides lots of fine motor practice. Want to make some yourself? Click on the photo to see how we did it.

Straw Art
I love open ended art activities. Some straws, glue and paper are all you need for this one. Find out how to make your own masterpiece by clicking on the photo.

Colored straws really give you a lot of bang for the buck. I bet you can come up with even more activities. Have fun and let me know any ideas that you have.



  1. All great ideas. I'm going to make the first one for my two year old. :)

  2. Hi Vicky! I love these straw art projects :) They are very cute, and they'd be a great addition to the Kids Crafts Linky Party I just posted. Hope you'll join us!
    Paula at Welcoming Spirit

  3. Try straw painting! Squeeze a few drops of paint on a paper, put one end of the straw in your mouth and hold the other end close to the paint. Blow. Watch what happens!

  4. I was googling something regarding straws and up popped your sweet blog. Love your straw ideas and makes me want to think of more things to do with those fun colorful inexpensive goodies. :)