1. Funny story…My oldest was in a wedding last year. I was also in the wedding, so I couldn't help him line up. Right before the wedding started she turned and saw him sitting in the chairs where the guests were sitting. She told him he was supposed to be lined up with the guys, and he said, "But I really wanted to sit by Jonah!" (his cousin) Funny kid. Thankfully he went to his place in line and did great. Awesome post! Great tips!

  2. wow, these are great tips! I wish I could've read them BEFORE my sister's wedding and I can't believe I didn't think of bribery in the church :facepalm:
    Thank you for sharing! Found you via Diana Rambles linky party.

  3. OMGoodness!!! How cute is this!! Not to mention great tips 😉 Were throwing a party and would love for you to link up! Hope to see you there.

  4. Great tips! I just got married last year and had my young niece and nephew in the wedding. My sister did a great job practicing with them and having toys/snacks for them that day. One thing we didn't think of, though, was that there was a big crowd and most of the people in the back were people they wouldn't recognize. My niece (4 years old) had been SO excited and practiced dropping flowers all the time, but when she saw the strangers she just froze. Thankfully, my dad helped her down the aisle and all was well. She looked adorable and ended up standing up front the whole service. My brother-in-law helped my nephew down the aisle, and then he went off with a baby sitter to play, he was only 2 at the wedding.

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