Kids Art Project: Q-Tip Star Art

Last week my daughter came home with an adorable craft from school. It was a candy corn that was painted on black construction paper using a q-tip. I loved how it turned out and tried to think of a kids art project we could make that used the same technique. Since I loved how the colors popped off the black paper, I decided to use black paper again and use white and yellow tempera paint to make stars. So I brought out my HUGE bag of q-tips that I found at the dollar store. Seriously, it is like the never ending bag of q-tips. Needless to say, we use them quite a lot around here. You can learn How to Dye Q-Tips and use Q-Tips and Straws for fine motor practice or use them to make this star art I am sharing today.
Kids Art Project - Q-Tip Star Art: A creative way for kids to paint with a q-tip. This also provides a fun fine motor experience for kids. What a fun way to paint!

You will need:
kids art project supplies

Download your free star template by clicking here.

Once you print out our free star template, cut out the stars and trace them onto black construction paper. The easiest way to do this is with a white crayon or white colored pencil. Trace as many as you'd like. I've included a few different sizes. My kids would have had a hard time with this step, so I did it myself.
Add a few squirts of white and yellow paint to small cups. Give your child the paper with the stars, the paint cups and provide a q-tip for each cup. I demonstrated how my kids could use the q-tip to create dot painted stars. Your child might just use the q-tip as a paint brush and not paint dots. That's fine too. It's about process over product.
painting with a q-tip

My four year old started by dotting the outline of the star with her painted q-tip.
q-tip painting kids art project

Once the outline had been painted, my daughter filled in the rest using dots of paint.
painting stars

Dot painting with a q-tip requires a level of fine motor control. I was surprised to see my daughter holding her q-tip in a different manner than she grips her pencil, but holding it this way gave her more control over her painting.
kids painting

This kids art project would be a great addition to a space study or unit. My kids just had fun painting in a new way!
Q-Tip Star Art - A fun kids art project!

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