Stuffed Shells Recipe - Food Fun Friday

I remember my mom making this Stuffed Shells Recipe many times over the years as I was growing up. Sometimes she included some ground beef in the filling and sometimes we would have it exactly as shared below. Either way, it was always a crowd pleaser. I love the idea of passing on these traditional recipes to my kids and hope that one day they will make it for their families as well. For another fun variation on classic stuffed shells, try these Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells and the rest of our family friendly recipes

Stuffed Shells Recipe - A simple take on a classic Italian dish. These are a delicious meatless option that the entire family will love.

Stop Sibling Conflict Before it Starts

If you have more than one child, then you have probably dealt with sibling conflict. Most of the things siblings argue about are petty, but they can cause resentment and hostility to build among children. My kids used to constantly argue about who would be first (even to use the potty!) so we started using a Kid of the Day system to bring more peace to our household. Over the years I have read tons of parenting books. A common thought in all these books is that parenting is easier if you already have systems in place to deal with various situations. I am going to show you how simple it is to have a system in place to Stop Sibling Conflict Before it Starts. Hopefully this leads to more peace in your household as well.

Stop Sibling Conflict Before it Starts - Discover the system we have been using for years with our kids. It's simple and it works!

Earth Day Activity

Earth day is coming up and we have been getting ready by doing some fun earth day activities. Recently, we used a paper plate and some paint to create an eye catching Paper Plate Rainbow Craft. When we were making that, I starting thinking about how the technique we used, would be a great way to make an earth. This earth day activity would also work well with any space theme or earth study. There are so many things you can do with these earth prints when they are dry. Check out the end of the post to see what my kids did!

Earth Day Activity - using paint and a plate, kids create beautiful one of a kind earth prints.