Understanding Common Core

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Be a Learning Hero. The opinions and text are all mine.

If you have a child in school or nearing school age, I am sure you have heard about Common Core State Standards and the changes associated with it. You may have heard good things or bad things. In speaking with educators and parents, I have heard lots of opinions but also much confusion. There has never been a more confusing time to be a parent of a school aged child. Luckily, parents don't have to navigate this alone. Classroom teachers are a great source of information and support as is the Be a Learning Hero website.

Understanding Common Core - get answers and resources that can help you better understand the Common Corn state standards and support your child's learning at home. #LearningHero #CommonCore #sponsored

Honey Graham Cracker Recipe - Food Fun Friday

Our family is addicted to graham crackers. Seriously, it's a problem. We have boxes in our pantry and even the car. They are a quick go-to snack that my kids always enjoy. Recently, we ran out of graham crackers and my desperation led me to come up with my own take on Honey Graham Crackers. I must say, we have be thrilled with the results. They lack a little of the crunchiness you find in the boxed kind, but they make up for it with the subtle honey taste and a hint of cinnamon sugar. This is the new favorite snack at our place. Try them and see if you agree. If you like them, please try our Cheese Cracker Recipe and our other family friendly recipes.

Honey Graham Cracker Recipe - these are simple to make and will become a snack time favorite at your house!

Soap Foam Prints

Soap Foam Prints - This is such a fun way for kids to make art!

In the past, we have made fun bubble prints using tempera paint. These Soap Foam Prints are similar, but with a slight twist. Rather than making the prints from large bubbles, we made the soap really foamy and used liquid watercolors instead, which resulted much more colorful prints. Not only does this art activity produce beautiful results, it is super fun for kids as it involves bubbles. For more bubbly fun, try our Bubble Wrap Stomp painting.